I always wanted to sing, and when I finally took it up, it changed my life... I found my passion!  I love being able to share that passion and pass on my knowledge and skills to other people.  I have been teaching voice since 2001 and have built up a reputation of being a teacher who cares about each individual and strives to enhance and improve every singers' own unique sound.

If you're curious about lessons, wondering whether you can sing, wanting to improve your technique, range or strength... then it's time to get started! 

During lessons we work on a range of technique so that you develop an understanding of what works well for your voice and for the particular style of song you are singing. We also work on a wide range of genres so that you can develop versatility and learn the performance technique appropriate to each style.

Music theatre technique is my strength and my passion, however I come from a classical background and teach a range of styles from classical and folk through to easy listening contemporary music.

During lessons you will be asked to set your own personal goals and throughout the year we work towards achieving those goals. In essence, you can guide your own learning!  If you're unsure, I can certainly provide inspiration and show you various options to start you on your path of personal success.

Whether your singing aspirations are for personal enjoyment or the world stage, I hope that I will not only inspire you to sing, but inspire you to reach your goals.  Give it a try today!

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Why choose singing classes?
Do you get husky, croaky or sore after singing? Do you wish you could hit those high notes in your favorite song? Do you wonder what's going on inside your body to produce the sound? Do you want a stronger and more versatile sound? If you've been wondering about ANY of the above... then singing lessons are for you!
Thank you so much for your constant love, support, guidance and friendship over the past 10 years.  My voice has developed so much under your teaching and provided me the best technical skills to take on anything.  I have had so many wonderful opportunities because of this.  - Maddy L

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Follow this wonderful link to Virtual Victorian Opera.  The lead singer is the fabulous Stephen Marsh who I had the pleasure of teaching a few years ago now, when he decided to take up voice lessons as a VCE subect.  What wonderful things he is doing now!

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Check out this great new app!  Search for 'appcompanist' to download your free version.  They are currently in the process of creating the full version (paid) but it will be well worth it!  The tracks are great quality piano backings, you can set the tempo, the key AND you can choose how present you would like the melody in the blend.  Such a great way to learn a song!
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