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I am a part time voice teacher (full time Mum!) based in Ballarat, Victoria.

My background is in classical voice and I teach a wide range of styles from classical to contemporary, specialising in Music Theatre technique and enhancing each singers' own unique sound.

I am an active member of the Victorian Chapter of ANATS (Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing). I attend regular PD sessions and am always interested to hear about new ways of learning and new developments in research and teaching. Some of the most recent and notable PD courses have been (although, I have been a bit quiet in the last two years as I've become a Mum to two lovely little girls who take up a bit more of my free time!);

Styles Day and Masterclass July 2015
ACCET Choral Conductors Summer School Jan 2014
Exploring Ornamentation and Improvisation in Jazz and Baroque Music - Oct 2013 presented by Vivian Hamilton and Michelle Nicole
Taking Chest Voice Higher - Dec 2012 Webinar presented by Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher
Tools for Teachers - Oct 2012 ANATS workshop for Contemporary and Classical Voice Teachers
VCE Masterclass and Seminar - Jun 2012 ANATS workshop
Singing in Schools - May 2012 with keynote speakers Richard Gill and Gary McPherson
Anatomy and Accent Breathing - Sep 2011 with Ron Morris
Four Dimensional Breathing - Aug 2011 VCA Feldenkrais Breathing with Anna Connelly
... and many many more!

Around town, I have been quite involved in local music theatre productions either onstage or as choral director and I also teach at Ballarat Grammar and Loreto College.  This year (2017) I will be choral directing Ballarat Grammars school musical.  In 2014 I also Directed and created the one night only Fundraiser Concert 'A Night on Broadway' which raised over $8000 for the Friends of Round Square.

Four years ago, I created and implemented a mentoring business plan which was a huge success and gave me the chance to pass on much of my knowledge to a lovely young teacher called Maddy.  Throughout the 12 month mentoring program, I was able to accelerate and support her growth and learning enabling her to become an affiliate teacher and very valued member of my music school. 

With two young children now, I am teaching part time but still remain very connected and passionate about my work.  
Diploma Associate in Music, Australia (AMusA) 2005
Estill Voice Training System Levels 1 & 2 2007
Grade 5 Theory of Music 1995
Grade 5 Piano Practical 1993
Working With Children Check
Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing
Royal South Street Society - Section Chair - Contemporary Vocal
Epipen Training - January 2012
First Aid Level 1 Training - December 2011
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I'm back teaching after a little break for the arrival of my gorgeous little Emma Kate.  I can't wait to get started on another year of singing!  Let's go 2017 (O:
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