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Sing to Inspire

This 10 lesson course is designed to get you started on the road to singing success.  

'Sing to Inspire' will cover what I consider to be the essential elements of singing technique and releasing vocal tension.  

At the end of the 10 lessons, my aim is that you:
  • feel more confident and in control of your voice
  • know how to sing freely without tension, soreness or huskiness
  • have greater range and flexibility
  • understand the incredible versatility of your voice and the ways in which you can safely alter your sound and resonance
  • understand how the voice works and what is going on inside your body when you sing!
The beauty of this course is that you can do it in the privacy of your own home!  

Each lesson consists of...

  • a video tutorial
  • a pdf information sheet with the key points explained
  • a pdf sheet with the exercises for that lesson
  • audio files for you to practise each exercise at home
Towards the end of the course, you will be invited to send me a video or audio file of your chosen song so I can give you personalised feedback on how to take your skills even further.  

The process...

By signing up for the 10 lesson 'Sing to Inspire' course, you will get full access to all 10 video lessons and support material, direct to your computer.  

You can then work through each lesson at a pace that suits you.  

I suggest that you take at least one week on each lesson so you have time to practise and fully grasp each concept before moving on.  

Once you've completed 'Sing to Inspire' , you will be eligible to sign up for the 'Advanced Course' if you wish (for further details see Sing to Inspire -  Advanced Course Overview) 

Alternatively, you may wish to further advance your knowledge by picking up singing lessons in your local area armed with the knowledge and skills you have already started to develop

The cost...

10 weeks of 45 minutes lessons in my private studio would usually cost $465.00.  

The entire 'Sing to Inspire' 10 lesson program (including all support material) is being offered to you for a total cost of just $189.00 ...(that's a saving of $276.00)

The course content is geared towards teenage and adult singers.   

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