I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have given me the confidence to grow and shine with my singing. I wouldn't be where I am today without your support and guidance. I will be forever grateful.  - Kylie M

It has been the most wonderful and worthwhile experience learning from you for the past years.  I cannot express my gratitude enough and words will never describe how truly blessed I feel to have been guided and mentored by you.  You are one of the main reasons I love performing and I will be forever grateful to you for building my confidence, drive and passion. - Sarah W

I can't thank you enough. I loved coming to lessons and thank you for your guidance and care free attitude to match my own.  You are truly an inspiration to me.  - Amy W

Your dedication and care for my teaching has brought me to where I am today.  The fun we have had, discussing the shows and laughing at your accompaniment skills, have been some of the best times of my school life.  - Pat S

Thank you so so much for everything you have done for me over the past two years.  I would not be the musician I am today if it wasn't for you!  - Kelsey C

You've given me so much confidence in my abilities as a performer and I know that I will only continue to grow and work on these skills.  - Georgie P

A big thank you for everything you've taught me.  I carry all those lessons with me and am forever grateful for all I have gained from learning from you. - Jacqueline I

Carolyn has helped me achieve things I hadn't dreamed possible, and as such I would like to thank her for the confidence and advice she has imparted over the years.  - Lachi

Singing from the bottom of the soul  (Article published in the Courier 2nd May 2016)
Professor Clayne Robison, an American specialist in the study of vocal beauty, has described the nature of the "special" voice as follows: " There is something that makes us feel like the sound is coming from the bottom of their souls. The brightness in their voices speaks out to us, while the depth is drawing us in. When both things happen at the same time, we know we are hearing really beautiful singing".
Such was the experience of those of us fortunate enough to be present at the Art Gallery of Ballarat Gallery Women's Association "Last Sunday of the Month Concert" on Sunday.
The Concert featured students of Ballarat Voice Teacher Carolyn Bennett, whose own passion for singing was clearly reflected in the superb performances of her protégés.
Georgie Potter, Georgie Maher, Jasmine Joyce, Josh Borschman,  Eleanor Davey and Maddy Ludbrook, different, but all superb, voices, presented us with a delightful programme of music, mostly from stage and screen. Some familiar, some less so, but always entertaining, and engaging of the audience.
Each singer, each song, a different experience, but all the artists united by a common thread: prior to delivering their individual items, each vocalist gave a short explanation of the pathway to their choice of the song they were about to present. In every case, it was their love of, their passion for,  the particular music, and their enjoyment in presenting it. Not surprising then, that as Professor Robison has described it,  they made us feel "like the sound is coming from the bottom of their souls" 
Well done, you wonderful young stars of the future. Thankyou for a delightful hour of entertainment.
Well done Carolyn Bennett. Your expertise as a Voice Teacher is clear from the exemplary performances of your students, and you have every reason to be very proud of them.
And finally, well done, and my sincere thanks, to  Janet Low, for the many and varied musical experiences you bring to us music-lovers through the "Last Sunday" Concerts at The Gallery.  Many different musical genres, but always  performers who are masters of their art.
Mike Brettargh

Carolyn has helped me achieve things I hadn't dreamed possible, and as such I would like to thank her for the confidence and advice she has imparted over the years.  - Lachi
I recently graduated from the Arts Academy of Ballarat with a Music Theatre Bachelor!  I came across Carolyn in first year when I saw her name on a list of suggested vocal coaches on the Academy's notice board, and for choosing her, I will always be grateful.  Carolyn is absolutely amazing.  Within the first minutes of meeting her, I quickly learnt of her huge passion for the theatrical art form and her excitement really inspires you to keep making your way into the creative world.  The fact that she both teaches and performs means that she simply oozes with all sorts of knowledge!  So not only does she share her huge collection of material, but also she shares her wide understanding of singing, vocal science, performance execution, vocal health, audition tips and warm up exercises.  Carolyn became a huge part of my time at the Arts Academy, my teacher, my friend and one of my biggest supporters.
If I walked into the lesson in a bundle of stress - she would calm me down and we would tackle the tough material together.  If I conquered a big song or finally got that sound we'd been working on - we would cheer and laugh!  If my voice was feeling tired, she would acknowledge it and never ask me to push through it.  Instead, we would have a chat about vocal health - therefore the lesson was never wasted!  When I had a show, she would be there to support me... and when I got my first lead role, she was the first person I wanted to call to share the news with and to thank!
I can always count on Carolyn.  She is incredibly genuine and she has consistently encouraged me to always work hard, to keep reaching for my goals and to always embrace my voice and celebrate who I am as a performer.
I have and will continue to tell people about how brilliant she is and if people ask me where to look for vocal coaching - I will always pass on Carolyn's number - for she is where you need to go!  - Jacqueline Irvine

We're so HAPPY you said yes to choral directing XANADU!!  It's been great working with you and your positivity, bubbliness and enthusiasm gets everyone just as excited and pumped up about the show as you are!  THANK - YOU!  - Emily, Brad and BLOC

Carolyn has taught me many styles of music and has been a continual source of support through exams, auditions and VCE singing, helping me achieve my best.   - Amy Whitfield


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